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5 Things to Do After Choosing from the Houses for Sale in Barrie

Houses for sale in Barrie

So you searched through the many houses for sale in Barrie, Ontario.

You’ve made all your arrangements, finished unpacking, and now you want to unwind and indulge yourself in what the city has to offer.

Barrie’s got far too many activities to list in a reasonable length, but take a look at these 5 things to start your journey.

Go on a Hike

Working with the Barrie real estate market is rewarding but lengthy work. Now that you’re no longer spending your weekends going through the houses for sale in Barrie, you can stretch your legs out after all that paperwork by heading to one of the city’s many parks and trails.

•    The North Shore Trail’s easy, level terrain is ideal for biking and calm walks.
•    Or head towards the Ardagh Bluffs Natural Area if you want a more nature-focused hike.
•    Not to mention the numerous parks available throughout the city.

Eat at a Restaurant

There’s no use in hiking on an empty stomach. Barrie’s got tons of restaurants and cafes everywhere, but here are a few that might catch your eye.

•    The Grilled Cheese Social Eatery is highly recommended for an inexpensive, casual, and light lunch with friends.
•    If you want to enjoy some foreign cuisine, consider Donaleigh's Irish Public House if you’re feeling fancy.
•    The Flying Monkeys brewery is your go-to for craft beer. They even offer free beer tours!

Go on Vacation

A vacation this close to home? You bet! Barrie real estate is located pretty close to the ocean and open countryside, making it an ideal vacation spot. Visit various beaches and participate in festivals to your heart’s content.

•    The Centennial Park & Beach offers a playground, a beach volleyball court, snack concessions, and basically everything you need for a perfect day at the beach.
•    Several festivals and parades happen yearly in Barrie like the Jazz and Blues Festival in June or the Santa Claus Parade in November.

Practice a Sport

Barrie citizens certainly don’t slack on their exercise. No matter what sport you prefer, Barrie’s got you covered.

•    The town’s official Sports Complex is great for baseball, and if you prefer soccer or tennis, the neighboring outdoor sports fields are your next destinations.
•    When winter rolls around, go ice skating at one of many ice rinks. In the summer, go for a swim at one of several swimming pools around town.
•    Ever played Disc Golf? Barrie’s got a course dedicated to that. Take a spin on this unique form of golf the next time you pass by.
•    Here’s an interesting one. The Barrie waterfront enables you to go sailing and kayaking among other aquatic sports.

Discover New Things

The culture of Barrie is as diverse as its people. Take a swing at the many art galleries and heritage sites to find out why the Barrie real estate market is so popular.

•    Visit the First Floor Art Gallery to enjoy paintings and other artwork from local artists right in City Hall.
•    Take a tour through historic Barrie to learn about the old train station, the ice harvesting plant, and Andrew Graham’s 1850 tanning company to name a few.

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